Repair Services

LEVER-ACTION BOW REPAIR SERVICES: Need repairs on your lever-action bow? We repair all lever actions bows including Onieda bows. We have many years of experience working with lever action bows an pride ourselves in top quality service and support.

Your bow will be shipped to the address at the bottom of the page. Before shipping your bow, please call and make arrangements and to discuss what needs to be done to the bow. The work on the repair is by the job not the hour.

WEB CAM REPAIR-YOUR-OWN: Would you like to learn how to repair your own bow but don't know how? We offer online web cam service to help you repair your bow in the comfort of your own home. Webcam support eliminates shipping costs as well as reducing the time you don't have your bow to use. And at the same time you will be learning how to service and maintain your own Lever-action bow..

For webcam services, you will need to have, one of the messenger services used by American eagle Bows. we use Yahoo, MSN or AOL messenger services. These are free to download. Simply click one of the links in this paragraph to download one of the free messenger programs.

After contacting us, and setting up a webcam meeting, you will be invited to view the webcam. You will then be shown what needs to be done while talking over a phone line or on the webcam. Doing so enables us to tell you what needs to be done while at the same time showing you. And at the same time going over any other questions you may have. You get your bow repaired, save money and time and learn how to repair your own bow.